Publish Your Advertisement in 100 Facebook Groups

$10.00 $5.00

Hello.. I will post your ad or product in 100 groups on Facebook to ensure thousands of visitors daily. The group has large numbers of members, about one million members. You can target groups that belong to a particular country or work in a specific field. By handing you a file with links to the groups where it was posted .. Price is only $ 5. Our only condition is that the declaration does not violate Islamic law

مدة التنفيذ المتوقعة 7 ايام ؟

اربح حتى USD 0.25 عن كل شخص يشتري هذا المنتج من خلالك ؟



Real visitors from the countries you select. It is also possible to target a particular sector such as real estate, cars or others to ensure the sale of your product or merchandise or to publish your ad in a short period to see thousands of visitors .. What are you waiting for?


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