G Data Internet Security 1 PC 1 year

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We offer you one of the most powerful protection programs in history to protect your computer from spyware and viruses that are emitted through the USB port USB flash or a memory card This program can protect you from any viruses sent to you when you connect your device to any flash and can eliminate On viruses that contact them through the portal of the USB and can make a periodic examination of the flash and save them from viruses and Trojan files and any viruses that do not enable you to get rid of them easily. G DATA Antivirus also protects your computer from viruses that emit you through your constant Internet connection. It can detect and extract infected files and spyware files from your social networking sites. You can also protect your computer from any attempts to steal data and information on your device. From responding to all hackers’ attempts to spy, hack your information, and steal your accounts on popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

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This G DATA Antivirus protects your social accounts from spyware and hacking and prevents and blocks all hacker attempts to steal some data, messages, and images on those accounts. The search engine of G DATA Internet Security relies on its own engine as well as the famous BitDefender virus search engine, which makes it a rival to other major dieters. It instantly updates its search engines with the addition of the latest spyware, hacker, viruses and new to be able to deal with it every time it finds those viruses. It has the feature of Close Gap, which enables you to close and block all infiltration and spyware domains through security vulnerabilities. This program is one of the fastest protection programs in the world through the feature of Autostart Manager, which enables the speed of startup. Offers high security and security during your online financial transactions, shopping and purchase through Bank Guard feature, easy to navigate home screen


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